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Meet the APL Team Owners: Sherri Beaton

We are excited to have Beaton join us in American Premiere League as the Team Aussies owner and as a member of the APL Advisory Board!

Sherri Beaton has a passion for sports. Her husband, Team Aussies Captain Tom Beaton, is a professional cricket player and runs his own cricket coaching business called Tom Beaton Cricket Academy in Perth, Western Australia. Although the Beaton family’s lives revolve around cricket, Beaton’s background is in the health and medical field, with a career working as an occupational health and general health practice manager. She is also a mother to three beautiful girls.

She hopes that her work with APL can help grow cricket in America. “It’s a long time in the making!” she says. With her managerial expertise and deep family passion for the sport, Beaton feels optimistic that we will go far in growing this sport we love.
“The fact that Jay Mir wanted to grow and build cricket here in the States was something we backed 110%,” Beaton says, “Aussies love cricket. It unites people and families. It’s what us Aussies are all about! The States are full of multi-cultural backgrounds, and I believe bringing cricket here will be a win for all.”
Not only does Beaton bring a lifetime of valuable experience to Team Aussies, but she also brings hard work, dedication, and determination. We are honored to have her onboard!
Beaton hopes you join us for the Opening Ceremony on September 13th and the first Team Aussies game against Team Americans on September 20th! Tickets are on sale now, including special Team Aussies VIP packages, which include tickets to every Aussies match, the APL semi-finals, and APL finals.

Learn more about Sherri Beaton in our exclusive interview!



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